Ladies Hunt Africa


The world has evolved and there is hardly an occupation in the world that both men and women are not capable of competing for equally. Fortunately for me, I can bear witness to this in my own business and family. My mother Diana has been a pillar of strength in the growth of our business Lalapa Safaris and has been the glue that holds all the components of running a family business together through her own hard work and dedication. My two sisters, both very successful businesswomen in their own field of expertise, continue to be an inspiration. These special ladies have inspired me to respect women for their strength and abilities.

I have a daughter, Bridget that I adore and whether she joins us in the family business as a professional hunter or another asset to the business or even chooses another profession completely, I certainly hope she is afforded the opportunity to be recognized for her own strengths and ability.

Over time I have received numerous requests from younger generation females about to enter the safari workplace looking for opportunities to guide Lalapa clients. In a male dominated environment, I have always thought there to be too many limiting factors to even entertain the thought. Well, my view of the world has certainly changed. 

Over the last couple of years I have made the time and effort to hunt with several female professional hunters and also given women a chance to apprentice hunt with our experienced guides at Lalapa Safaris. And have they exceeded my expectation. There are some great PH’s out there, equally capable of guiding any client on a hunt and give a top quality safari. Their attention to detail and a unique perspective on things brings another dimension to a hunt.

Female hunters of the world

There are many female hunters, lady hunting groups and organizations around the world that travel extensively looking for new adventures, we ask that you lead the way in supporting our female professional hunters in Africa. This is not to say that men cannot hunt with Lady PH’s, to date it is a male dominated industry, but we need to change the mind-set and move into a new era of equality. We firmly believe that these well trained, experienced lady hunters are more than capable of guiding any hunter. Let’s have the hunting lady’s lead the way for us.

Meet your Professional Hunters

Thia Douglas

Thia grew up on a farm in the Stutterheim district of the Eastern Cape. She hunted as a kid with her father Mark and this is where she grew her love for the outdoors and all hunting has to offer. To make here dream of working in the wildlife industry come true, she studied Game Ranch Management and become a qualified professional hunter.

Thia did her apprenticeship with Lalapa Safaris and is now part of our marketing and hunting team. She is an excellent shot and skilled hunter, make no mistake this girl is tough and can hunt.

Visit our Trophy Room to see Thia Douglas's Trophies

Nadine Eilerd

Nadine is passionate about her way off life! She grew up in the bush with her dad who is a professional hunter. Hunting is part of who she is and she just loves the challenge. She studied Game Ranch Management and is a qualified experienced professional hunter who knows her animals.

Nadine took part in the ‘African Huntress’ competition in 2016 and showed off her skills and expertise by winning it, quite an achievement.

Nadine forms part off our team as a professional hunter let’s keep her busy.

Visit our Trophy Room to see Nadine Eilerd's Trophies