From the Field onto the Table

Kemps Farm Butchery

Lalapa Safaris has run a licenced meat processing business since the inception of our safari operation. It is important to us that the cycle is completed and hunters can leave Lalapa knowing that they have eaten part of what they have harvested and what is left over is put to good use. Every bit of meat harvested by our trophy hunters is processed and used for different purposes and nothing, absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Meat Processing

Naturally fed African ‘venison’ has a very low fat content and is extremely healthy. It is very low in fatty acids and cholesterol.

The organs of the harvested animal such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys are all taken by the skinning staff to feed themselves and their families.

The carcass meat is deboned, to be prepared into different cuts. Depending on size and type of animal carcass we prepare: biltong (dry meat spiced and naturally dried, similar to Jerky but not smoked), dry sausage (ground venison spiced in skins and naturally dried), steaks, ground venison (venison mince), burger patties and wet sausage. The meat scraps are boiled off the bone and the bones are left to dry.

What is the Game Meat used for?

Hunters that visit Lalapa Safaris cannot wait to eat what they have harvested, so a lot of the prepared venison is consumed by ourselves, or hunting clients and our staff. Lalapa supplies our local school's boarding establishment, which houses 400 scholars, with meat for their meals.

Once the bones have dried out, they are taken off to the local bone meal factory to be crushed into powder and made into bone meal. Bone meal is very high in phosphate and is used to feed back to the animals in areas that have a phosphate deficiency.

End Result

It is very important to us at Lalapa Safaris to make use of everything possibly usable on an animal. The hunter not only gets his trophy but supplies food for himself, camp staff and the local community, even down to the supply of phosphate back into the wild!

Sustainable utilization of our natural resources, is high on our priority list, waste is not an option.

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