Customize your hunt

Lalapa safari concessions in the Eastern Cape are blessed with diverse terrain and vegetation which is suited to many different species of plains and dangerous game animals. We have 37 natural species of game available within driving distance of the lodge, which gives us a big advantage on our competitors. Most of the hunting is done with using a rifle, but we do offer bow hunting for those who prefer this practice.

With a customized safari, the number of animals and duration of the hunt will be determined by the hunter. The hunting daily rate will cover all your normal hunting fees and accommodation and trophy fees will be paid as per the standard trophy fees list on the website.

Lalapa will happily help you customize your safari and advise you on the perfect timing of your safari suited to the different animal species.


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Our Package Deals include daily rates and trophy fees.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or would like to customize your hunt.

Customize Your Hunt

Let Lalapa Safaris help you customize your hunting safari and advise you on the best safari timing for the different animal species.

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