Hunting Trophy Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo is known to be the most dangerous of the big five. Always make the first shot count! This bovine can become extremely aggressive, cunning and vindictive when wounded. A .375 calibre rifle is the minimum requirement on buffalo, a well-placed good quality soft nose bullet will take care of the initial shot and solids for better penetration on the follow up.

What you are looking for when hunting buffalo is an old, hard bossed bull past his prime, affectionately known as a “dagga boy”. Dagga boys are normally found alone or in bachelor groups and mature bull will preferably be older than 10 years.

Lalapa Safaris has acquired three of the very best Cape Buffalo hunting areas in the Eastern Cape, of which the largest concession is 47 200 acres. All animals hunted originate from free, naturally breeding herds and no size restrictions apply. If you’re interested in hunting Cape Buffalo the right way, then you are looking at the best hunting area. 

Cape Buffalo

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