Hunting the Tinys

Many years of networking in the hunting industry allows Lalapa Safaris to offer 8 of the 10 recognised Tiny Ten or pygmy Antelope species available. 6 of the 8 are available in the Eastern Cape Province, of which are; Blue Duiker, Grey or Common Duiker, Cape Grysbok, Klipspinger, Oribi and Steenbok. Lalapa has concession in the beautiful sand forest of Northern Natal for the Red Forest Duiker and Suni.

This technical, specialist hunt is full of challenges and can become quite an obsession to dedicated hunters.

These antelope will take you to numerous habitats throughout our area and each one of the species is hunted by a different hunting method, making it such a unique experience that it becomes addictive.

Our success rate on the little guys is excellent, in fact we can guarantee our hunters an opportunity at every one of these little antelope. Our experienced professional hunters know their areas extremely well and have a ‘trick up their sleeve’ for each one of these species to make sure that the hunter not only gets his animal but gets a good quality trophy animal.

The Cape Bushbuck, Vaal Rhebok, Bushpig and Caracal(Lynx) which are endemic to our area are often added to a tiny’s hunt.

Hunting Tinys

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