16th - 26th June Jene Nissen's group from Virginia

by Ray
Jp & Tom

Jene, Martin, Tom & Dale joined Lalapa for a 9 day plains game hunt taken on by PH's Ray, Gary Birch, Pat Fletcher and JP Du Plessis. Guys had a great hunt each harvesting 8 - 10 trophys. Our 9th Safari of the season and we are only getting...

First hunt of the season

by Ray
Daryl Eland

Daryl Godwin & Bryan Gerhardt from Canada enjoyed the first hunt of the season, Daryl got this giant Cape Eland on the 3rd day of his hunt!

SCI Las Vegas

by Ray
Booth In Las Vegas

Come and see us at SCI in Las Vegas booth number 3253 - see you there!

Year of the Kudu at Lalapa

by Ray
Img 0368

For most first time hunters to Africa, hunting the elusive 'grey ghost' is the crux of the whole safari. In fact some hunters choose to hunt a Kudu every time they come out. Those that have hunted Kudu before will know that this beautiful animal...

Some great trophies in the month of April at Lalapa Safaris

by Ray

I have a short story to tell you today!
In the 1970’s when I was still just a snapper my parents Theo & Diana used to visit a game ranch joining the Kruger National Park owned by friends of theirs. The ranch I am talking about is the current...

Lalapa in the USA contact Ray at tel: 720-387-0460

by Ray

Today I start the Denver show in the US. The rest of Lalapa's itinerary looks like the is:

Starting today 17 – 20th January - Denver ISE show at the Denver convention centre
23-26th January - SCI Reno at the Reno Sparks convention centre
2 -10th...

Don Priest has a successful African hunt with Lalapa Safaris

by Ray

Don Priest from California, USA  finished his 11 day African hunting safari with Lalapa last week. Despite some trying weather conditions (to say the least!) we had a great hunt together and another lasting friendship was struck! Don took 8...