2018 hunting Opportunity's

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2018 Hunting opportunities


Our hunting concession is on the shores of Lake Kariba. One of the very best spots for a Buffalo, Hippo and Crocodile Safari. Wild and untamed, it's an experience of a lifetime!

10 day Buffalo, Hippo & Croc safari

  • $1500 per day daily rate  ($1300 Croc, Hippo safari. $1000 Hippo, Plains game Safari (Hippo can be done on a 7 day hunt)
  • $3500 Hippo
  • $3750 Croc
  • $4000 Buffalo
  • $100 Cities for Croc
  • 5% Gov and anti poaching levy on safari

Other species available: Elephant, Leopard, Klipspringer, Livingstone Eland, Bushbuck, Sharpes Grysbok, Impala, Baboon, Hyena and small

Stu Croc Resize                    Stu Hippo                         Ray Buffalo

Free range Barbary Sheep hunt

Hunt a Barbary sheep in the mountains of the Eastern Cape, this is the best sheep hunt in Southern Africa. Trophy fee on a Sheep is $2600, plains game daily rate applies.

Scott Barbary Resize               John Barbary Resize                     P1060301

Cape Buffalo hunting and plenty of top quality plains game on our new 46700 untamed concession!

7 day Cape Buffalo hunt - $12 500.00


  • Cape Buffalo trophy (no size restriction, these are wild Buffalo !)
  • 7 days hunting for 1 hunter includes PH, Tracker, Accommodation, food and beverages
  • Pick up and drop of at East London airport

Buff Alan  20160927 174756